4 Dec 2014

winter comes

 cold sea

i like these photos so much, although now i don't have the best relations with one with whom i should have. but i take life as it is, and maybe i am hopeless, but maybe i'm looking for my own way to be happy. not everyone has to live like a script says. more and more i would like to change in myself. and maybe that's all i need right now, maybe i'm not ready to open. 
i like moments like this concrete
when i'm sitting, listening to music, drinking second (and not last) cup of tea,
and in a minute i'm going to watch my new favourite series - awkward.


  1. :) that sea does look very cold!
    I'm just finishing my new song then we can start on one :]

  2. p.s - molly can I use one of your photos for the soundcloud cover of my new song?

    1. show me which photos first :D but i think you can :)

    2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0zy8P9SXoxw/U_DqB6smnaI/AAAAAAAAFrI/Esom8XNgRc4/s1600/50330036.jpg

      this is the one, I like the atmopshere :)

    3. so, of course :)

    4. https://soundcloud.com/floorstare/come-girl

      here it is, hope it's not too noisy for you :P

    5. wow, it is actually great piece of work! so creative :) and what big changes in a rythm and melody! i like it, especially this second part, after beginnig of the drums:)

    6. thankyou lots!
      I might have a song for you to sing on coming very soon!
      warm your voice up ready :D