31 Dec 2014

new year tonight

I don't really have positive mood, although I should.
new year means opportunity for some changes, small inside me and bigger which includes other people. but i felt such safe in this year. 2015 will be like a jump from the cliff into really deep water. i think i will handle it, because i don't have a choice. yesterday i felt really bad from that reason. but now, well i will give the best of me to make this year acceptable. maybe changes won't be so radical, maybe not for worse, maybe i'll change myself a little. noone knows, and that is exciting part. (i'm fighting with thoughts)

anyway today i'm going on a new year's eve party to my friend's house. 
i'm not really keen on parties.. but it would be last with all those people from my class.
but till then, i want to watch last episodes of my faourite series.

i hope this year will bring some luck.
for me and for you <3

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