10 Jun 2015

process of oblivion

creating new memories
living a moment
only now and future
letting go

i'm thinking about new tattoo!


  1. Replies
    1. hi will! :)
      where you've been?

  2. I've been busy moving into my new house! and decorating it!
    also I've been busy writing new songs :)
    but I still occasionally look at your blog to see how you're doing .
    I love your tattoo btw, it looks perfect on you.

    1. thank you! i'm happy you like it haha i also like my tattoo, i got used to it and i think i made a good choice:)
      and wow, you recorded some of your new songs?
      and you've got your house! how cool! i bet it's beautiful:)

  3. I think you will never regret it! it really suits you !
    I've been thinking about one but I am scared for some reason (not of the pain!)
    yes! I will link you to one:
    I would email you some pics of the house but I can't because they never worked when I tried to send you mails!

    1. wow Will ! this song is amazing, i really like it and vocals and everything! :)
      and maybe try to create new account on DA, it will be easier to talk and i will try to create new email, what do you think?
      and what are you scared of?

    2. thanks! I appreciate it :)
      yes, I will make a new deviantart account and message you on there:)