25 Mar 2013

longing and flu

i'm sitting at home, amongst warm bedclothes.
it would be pleasurable if i didn't cough my lungs out of my body and use million ton of tissues.

because of i don't have much to do, i'm thinking a lot.
i was wondering about longing. what does it mean when you miss someone
who you don't know well. you just want to see his face. hear his voice. 
you know that when you'll see him, smile will appear on your face. 
and it's a little frustrating that you don't have him near you, especialy when you need his presence.
but is it right to miss someone who is only friend. just a friend. not even this 'best friend forever'.


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    1. thank you for nice words <3 and no, i didn't break up with bf because i didn't and i don't have one xD