27 May 2012

socks and lake

These are some photos, which i took yesterday. i like those socks so much, they are so warm, soft and comfy. 
Because of nice weather today i was riding a bike. oh how i love it, and i decided to do it every day during summer holidays. even only for about an hour.
today Tasty had a fun too, because he swam in a small lake near our house. he couldn't catch his ball in the water because it has smooth surface and it slipped from his mouth. but he like to swim and he's so cute when he do it (: i should go with him to the lake more often


  1. they look so comfortable!



  2. So where do you come from? :)
    I really don't get how you can post so much.
    Do you always run around with a camera?

    Mila ♥