19 May 2012


webcamera photo:) today when i was with my mom in shop, strange thing happend. namely, old and probably sick man wanted to steal a three packs of salmon. i know it sound silly, but it was even scary. one saleswoman was shouting to another to catch him, and luckily she did it. he was saying that he is addicted to drugs. but i can't see connection with it. luckily, saleswomen get back this salmon. and everything had happy ending :) but i was shocked because i have never been witness of accident like this. and you guys have ever seen a try of a theft?


  1. Anonymous8:56 am

    Yes! A man stole perfume from our store once. Our security guard chased him down into the pouring rain. It was exciting to watch! We didn't catch him though.

    1. wow, it's always exciting when you see something like that. and good that he didn't steal much.