25 Nov 2012

lots of stuff to do

i am so busy lately..
this weekend my grandparents came to my house. 
we were watching new appartment of my aunt 
and of course, always when grandparents are here, i eat much more than i'm used to.
so i ate delicious chocolate cake and tart with spinach

and tomorrow school starts again, this week is going to be awful :<
i can't wait till friday 


  1. I feel the exact same thing! Both when talking about grandparents, yeah the eating part... I know the feeling ;-) And when it comes to next week. I'm so lazy, tired and exhausted, as you. I just want it to be weekend again!
    Btw nice pics, they're great! It would be really nice if you could make your pictures bigger so us, readers could get a better look on them and see all the details. Just an advice ;-)
    Lot of hugs

    1. yea,i think its usual for those feelings:)
      and always you can click on the photos for see them bigger. but thank you for advice, i'll think about some changes of view :)

  2. I love them tooo. They are like humans but in a funny way. I think they can show us how to enjoy life ;)


  3. thank you! and omg all grandparents are the same, was at my grans on saturday and she made a feast instead of a meal...