30 Jun 2012

i feel so summery, so i post a picture of me and my friend which was taken last year while rock music festival. it reminds me summer and makes me happy. today i was walking with my another friend and with my dog for about three hours. it was really cool, warm and funny. i had really great time:)
and my mom made a cheesecake with raspberries and blueberries and it is so delicious and colorful, i love it!
now i'm sitting with Tasty in my room because parents have guests. i think i'm going to watch 'skins' series. i used to watch it last year but i didn't finish the first season. so i think now it's a perfect occasion to do it:)


  1. So lovely!


  2. I love walking my dog in the summer. My sister and I can walk her for hours and just talk. It's really nice! And that cheesecake sounds so good.


  3. cool :)
    but, in Indonesian not have a summer :(