20 Jun 2012

some photos which i take, while i have to be really bored xd
in final result at friday will be a party instead of prom. so we will not dance polonaise in pairs, but it will be a disco, there'll be some snacks, crisps and probably pizza for eat. i have a dress (we dressed up like it'd be a prom xd) but i don't know what shoes wear. because in heels it isn't comfortable to dance, but it looks nicer than in sneakers. so i'm in consternation=p
by the way, today i felt really like playing some music, so i took the guitar and played songs of band - Hole, with listening to original songs at the same time and singing with courtney love haha so some nice songs which i can and you might like: northern star , reasons to be beautiful <3 , doll parts

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