19 Jun 2012

tasty on our balcony. he looks little fatter that he is in reality,  but anyway i think he's cute :) today i took him some other photos which i show you soon.
weather is nice: sun shines, sometimes wind blows, and it's warm 
i'm happy of it, because i can go out with naked legs wearing shorts or skirts. 
on sunday i watched 'men in black 2' haha and it's such a funny and stupid movie
but sometimes is good to see a silly comedy. the most, i liked talking pug-dog 
and will smith in main role of course.
oh and i just can't wait till holiday, it's only 9 days!!


  1. endearin' creature;)

    may be we could follow each other?Just let me know and I'll return the favor,


  2. aw he's lovely! <3