23 Jun 2012

yesterday i was at the disco at my school, and i have to say that i had such a great time! there wasn't many people, mostly from my class. but the music was funny, because i'm not used to listen to pop, but here i was singing and jumping to songs by rihanna, beyonce, and even justin bieber hahaha but with group of people it is such fun that it isnt important what that song is. party lasted 3,5 hours and there was a lot of food, but i didn't eat anything, just drink, drink and drink! oh, and i danced with boys too, which was the first time in my life, because earlier guys didn't come to disco...but anyway, it was really great:)

photos were taken by my mobile phone, so the quality isn't good. but this day was so warm 
and sun shined into eyes, and i liked it soo much, so i felt like walking with dog a lot:)


  1. Anonymous9:44 am

    really pretty photos!xo