6 Apr 2012


In the morning i said to myself that i will agree on everything my parents tell me to do. And i did it. Sometimes after helping and being needed i feel happy, like i have my soul cleared xd i didn't say any 'no', so it's like 'hallelujah' because most of the time i say it. so changes are coming xd

Now i'm going to watch 'vampire diaries'. i think it is my favourite series. I'm in 3rd season and it's such exciting that i can't stop watching it, i have to know which of vampires Elena will choose. Personally i hope, it will be Damon=p It's weird because i read also the book, and sometimes i don't know where which action happened, because in the book everything is different. But it has good side too. There are more adventures, situations and talks : > anyway, have a nice evening and thank you for reading, i know it's hard with my not-good english :)

1 comment:

  1. Your English here is very well so nothing to worry about ;)
    Wish you much spring sun! :)