1 May 2012


Because of nice weather, me, my parents and grandparents went for a walk on pier. There was a wind so sometimes it was cold. I didn't worry about it because i had my favourite sweatshirt with overprint of the best heavy metal band ever xd also, by the sea was a parade. it was very weird parade. with people dressed up like they were from africa, china, Middle Ages, and they had much more wierd costumes. i didn't like it =p after all this, i drank tasty juice made of fresh fruits - raspberries and strawberries. i just dreamt of that juice so my dreams came true haha. for today's dinner i had tarts. first with spinach and a lot of cheeses - mozarella, gorgonzola, ricotta. second was with zucchini, mashrooms and also these cheeses. oh, how i love this dish! the most i like is this one with spinach because i just love spinach and everything with it. second one tasted like a pizza xd it was good day :)


  1. I love these photos! Sounds like you had such a nice day :)


  2. I love the last photo! So pretty. ♥