4 May 2012

It's weird but today for real i felt that i have free time. unluckily in two days i have to come back to school . anyway, today was raining a lot, but it was warm at the same time. this kind of warm is the one which i like the most. it's not warm because of hot sun (of course i like sun, but not when it shines in the way that i'm boiling xd) but because of atmosphere. that kind of warm, very often causes rain. it is pleasant when it's warm. there is also beautiful smell around. then i feel real freedom. today was that, and it's the next day when i am truly happy. i'm glad also because i bought lovely dress for a prom, which will be in june (i writed once about it). and..it is the one that i was looking for! it's black with ecru strip on the down brink and it has perfect length :D

in the first and second photo are my drawings which i made today. sometimes i need to draw something. it calms me. probably you don't know what is in the first one xd and rest of the photos show how i looked like today.
have a nice weekend <3

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  1. thank you so much for the lovely comment x
    i love drawing too. such a soothing thing. wish i have all the time in the world to draw all day : )