6 May 2012

oh, rainy day. i like it as i said earlier even if it was so cold. i went for a walk with my parents. we were by the sea. the wind almost detach my head. my hair was everywhere haha. i took some photos, but i will show them later. and today i watched such a great movie - 'pride and prejudice'. i would like to feel such romantic love. it has to be wonderful and beautiful feeling. i haven't fell in love yet. one day i would like to see how it is... okay, end of dreaming mood ( even if i love dreaming ;3) because i wanted to tell, that yesterday for the first time i ate kebab !! haha xd i think i have eaten it once, when i've been much younger, but i couldn't remeber taste of it, so yesterdays' was the first in my life xd and it's really tasty. i took one with beef, there was a lot of salads and mild sauce. i like it, like it, likee it :)

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