9 May 2012

Some photos made by webcam, and showing how i looked like today. it's just dress underneath purple t-shirt from cubus, grey tights and light grey sweater also from cubus xd cubus is cool haha
recitation went not excatly how i wanted it, because in the middle of the poem i stopped, because i forgot next verse. it was horrible, but 11/15 points isn't the worst mark. and i don't know from where or from whom, but two teachers knew that i'm going on metallica concert tomorrow haha. aww, i'm so excited!
concerts starts at 4.p.m but gates are open till 3.p.m, so i have to run with my parents (i'm going with them) so fast to have good place and to see everything quite clear. there will be a lot of concerts, but the most i'm waiting for Acid Drinkers and of course Metallica ;3

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  1. your pretty and not a mess at all ;) super cute! Hugs from California <3 xx, The Golden Girls