11 Jul 2012

everything i do

search your heart - search your soul
and when you find me then you'll search no more 
don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
you can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for 
 look into your heart - you will find
there's nothin' there to hide 

Today was 'fire' so i went to my friend's house and we light the candles
 and observed the flames and smelled (is it right form?) them hahaha
 then we watched some movies and ate a cake made by her
in the afternoon i went with my another friend to take a photoshot.
 we took pictures in a wood, i will show you them very soon:)
 and after some time taking photos suddenly she started to slip away 
so i seriously scared up and did the same thing, following her. 
then she told me that there was a boar amongst the trees and shrubs xd

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  1. Hello lovely, just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster award over at my blog, so go and have a little look if you like!<3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx