9 Aug 2012

it's the last part of photos from vacation with parents:)

i really spend this week on meetings with friends. yesterday i was with my best friend on a fair, (which is famous in my country and is always in august)
and there were a lot of absolutely wonderful things, the most i was looking at the jewelry, which was unique, and sometimes funny (cupcakes or little animals earrings).
i am crazy about old things and i found there really lovely handbags, clothes and compact discs. i didn't buy anything because i wanted to just look around,
but during this weekend i will go there again so i hope i'll buy something beautiful.

and after this, i we went to cinema on a ' the dark knight rises ' so batman xd
and i was really shocked, because he isn't my favourite super hero, but this film was brilliant ! if you haven't seen it yet, you really should (:


  1. Ohhhh how I love this post,honey!;)

  2. i want that dalmatian!

  3. I love all these pictures! :)