10 Aug 2014

tour !

yey i have pictures from woodstock!
so it is going to be a little long post, but i hope you won't get too bored.

so, this is from the road, with my friend (on the photo)
we are waiting for next train

and my artistic view inside of the train

this is our tent. as you can see we have great mechanincs (i mean rope haha) 
for drying clothes (really useful)

and some other views from our village (we called it that name)

always when next village has its' beginning it is marked by a flag

this, was a huge tent, where concerts and meeting with famous people took place.
this photo was taken during such a meeting, so everyone were pleased to sit down

and here you can see this tent from the outside.
and a lot of people listening. (on woodstock everywhere was a huge number of people)

and some other tents, on a way back to our village

on the main 'street' of that place, sometimes people just played the guitar,
or sang something. and people who has been watching it had a lot of fun

some other attractions of woodstock:
 bungee jumping 

 we took part in this one. the big wheel haha (if i may call it that)
we were standing 2 hours in a huge queue during the hottest time of the day
then we had to ride a stationary bike (to beat some record)
and then we finally could go around:p

with the view like this

fun was also a big wall where everyone could write something or draw
with a spray or marker

over evenings it was so beautifull and climatically
(it can't be seen well on photos) and still it was so warm!

and here are some photos which actually has very bad quality
but these are us. 

here guys with whom i slept in a tent

and here me and other girl from other tent (haha it was supposed to be us)

and here my best friend and her boyfriend (his head is in center) 
are sleeping in a tent. they're cute.

and this whole it's just a small part of what happened there.
i had really great time now, writing all those things and looking at those pictures again
hope you like it!


  1. : > nice photos :D
    btw do you have email ? It's sad we can't chat because my DA was banned

    1. haha well yes i have, you can write on ola.kwiatek@op.pl :)