14 Nov 2014

felt like writing

these pictures are from weekend when i was at my aunt's place
i love to go there and feel different reality,
even if its about 20 minutes from my own house.

oh, and yesterday i discovered a lovely band
'the new basement tapes'
and now i'm exploring their songs, and i have to say they are wonderfull.
i'm really in love with some of them.

tomorrow i'm going shopping with my mum.
i have to buy a dress for a prom! cause i'm in senior year! 
(last year of high school)
and hundred days before last exams, there is a prom called
something like 'hundred-days-prom' hahaha
in polish it sounds better xd
but anyway, i have to have dress! and it is always problem to find a perfect one.

and today was such a awful day! i couldn't get up from bed in the morning
i had lessons at 7am. and i thought i won't make it.
but i did, and then i suffered so much - i was extremely sleepy xd
and i felt and feel awful actually!
so i'm going to watch something on tv
and then be off to sleep..

so have a nice evening c:

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