15 Sep 2015

wherever you are

photos from garden in the capital of my country!
beautiful place!
these photos in which i appear, were taken by my friend <3

i haven't post for so long, because for a week i have been on integration-camp with people from my university. i was so worried before the camp, but it turned out really lovely
it was the greatest week of summer for me:p
time was flying so fast and i met amazing people,
whith whom i wish i will be friends for really long time 
(we all think it will be forever:p)

and yesterday i went with some of them bowling and billards!
it was spontaneous and i really loved it!
also during yesterday i met with the girl from my room on the camp
(she also went bowling)
we were walking by the sea, eating ice-cream and pizza
great day was yesterday!

and as it comes to today, i will have surprise for you!
(if it works out:)

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