3 Jul 2012

back in childhood

Tasty always look through the window in that way

I spent this day really nice. i met with my friends (only girls) in house one of them. we watched a lot of disney' films for children. it was something like a seance. we saw: 'the lion king' (which was wonderful, i love these all animals and music), 'mulan' (which was pretty suprise, because i thought it is awful, but it was so interesting and lovely), 'pocahontas' (oh, i love john smith ! :D ) and 'the little mermaid' (she is so beautiful and have 16 year old when she get married with extremely handsome man!;) 
i watched these movies when i was a child, but i haven't remembered them until today. i think they are really cute, and every good character is so pretty:) 

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  1. Don't you love Disney movies? They never get old!

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