4 Jul 2012

these photos were taken some time ago, you can find it on lookbook here

it was next lovely spent day with my best friend:) 
and i forgot to tell that two days ago i dyed my hair
but not for forever. this violet dye will disappear in few weeks 
(it gets less intense after every wash of hair).
i took some photos of my violet head, i will show them later

and tomorrow i'm planning to be all day... in my pajamas
and fall asleep when i want and eat in a bed and read in a bed
and it is going to be bed-day. i just want to relax a lot:)
hope you relax too (maybe not in that way hahaha)


  1. these photos are amazing, what a beautiful setting! x

  2. Fantastic photographs you look so lovely!

  3. cute outfit, would def love to see the hair! I have pink dip-dyed hair and yes, it does fade so quick!

  4. What a cute outfit you have there! Love your bun, shorts and especially your shoes :-)
    Amazing <3

  5. Cool photos :) I like your style ^^

  6. ooh! I love your photos so much♥ :]